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Home > Just when we thought we were out of debt.. Bam! $10,000 on the cc again.

Just when we thought we were out of debt.. Bam! $10,000 on the cc again.

April 26th, 2009 at 01:19 pm

It's not as bad as it sounds though. As some of you know, we recently became debt free save for the mortgage. The next step was to build our emergency fund and move onto the mortgage... but something got in our way.

My wife and I decided to install a modest home theater in our home. We took our computer/storage room, cleaned it out, then started from scratch. With a goal of spending no more than $5,000 dollars, we wanted to have the feeling of the movie theater (Save for the sticky floor, bad smell and babies crying). Well, I am happy to report $8,000 dollars later we have our theater.

Though it cost a little more than we planned (And truthfully, we still have a few more improvements that we would like to do) we are very happy with the turn out. The thought process is we will have the ability to stay home and watch a movie on the weekend and save us some money in the long run. (Maybe not but the entertainment will be worth it)

The equipment was charged on a 0% credit card and since we no longer have any debt, we were able to save enough money in the two months we took to install the theater to pay the balance in full. The only ongoing charge will be our Netflix subscription that will provide weekly movies for us to watch (We shut off our cable TV to save us almost $70 dollars per month).

Thanks for reading,

UPDATE: Thank you all for your comments, please view this link to see my HT progress. I will need to add current pictures but this link walks you through the steps I took.


6 Responses to “Just when we thought we were out of debt.. Bam! $10,000 on the cc again.”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Enjoy your theater, it sounds nice!!

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    We have been considering turning one of our rooms into one...please blog periodically on how much you use/enjoy the room...Congrats!! And glad to hear it really wasnt $10k in ongoing debt!!!

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    Just for fun, could you elaborate what kind of equipment you guys ended up purchasing and what exactly kind of set up it is?

    Since I'm a single guy willing to take some video/audio compromises in favor of cost, I opted for a "desktop setup" instead. It currently consists of a Samsung 24" 1080p (but I sit right in front of it), Sharp Aquos Blu-Ray (which I don't recommend unless you ARE looking for a budget entry player and don't mind it being rather sluggish), Denon receiver, and Boston Acoustics 5.1 (which sounds really nice despite being "only" 75 watts per channel, and 150 watt subwoofer, but again, I don't need too much volume since they're literally two feet away me).

    However, as a desktop setup, everything runs through this. PC, MP3, Xbox, Blu-Ray, and even radio and TV. For one person, this setup is good enough, and the upside is I believe I have as good as many home theater experience at a fraction of the average home theater system price.... But again, it's good for only one person right now.

    But yes, congrats on your home theater setup. Oh, and how did you talk the missus into it anyways? Any pictures you can share of the new dig?

  4. whitestripe Says:

    congrats. DF wants a home theatre too. i am also interested in what you purchased too. and photos would be awesome!

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