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Home Theater update

May 25th, 2009 at 01:36 pm

I am posting this in response to those of you that commented on my Home Theater Project.

It's been a few weeks and I am happy to report that my family and I have no regrets as to side stepping the financial plan to work on the HT project and we enjoy the room almost daily.

Here is a link for those that wanted to know what we put in the HT: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htf/members-theaters-ht-projects/283558-first-home-theater-progress-pictures-opinions-suggestions-coments-welcomed.html#post3522872

I keep my wife in on all financial decisions, this has helped me over the years to assume control of our finances and build her confidence in my decisions pertaining to our financial future. The bottom line is, when I plan projects like this, she pretty much goes along with whatever I plan. It helps that I keep money in her pocket too Wink We all enjoy going to the movies so it was easy to convince her that the HT was a good idea.

Thanks again for all your comments